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How familiar are the words "counterfeit medicines" to Japanese people? How many Japanese have suspected that the medicines prescribed by pharmacies and doctors may be fake?

According to WHO, counterfeit medicines are also called "the most profitable counterfeit products in the world" and have expanded to an estimated 20 trillion yen annual market. Forty-two percent of the damage was reported from Africa, with about 100,000 people dying from counterfeit medicines each year across Africa.
Nigeria-based deepTech startup RxAll is working to solve the problem of fake drugs. The company offers two products called "RxScanner" and "Rxdelivered" to visualize data from the entire supply chain from pharmaceutical companies, importers and wholesalers to pharmacies and hospitals to patients.
Currently, vaccination against the new coronavirus infection is gradually progressing in Africa, but there is also the problem of placebo. In November last year, South Africa's Customs and Crime Countermeasures Department seized 2,400 fake vaccines and arrested Zambians and Chinese. Similar cases are endless in Mexico and China. When new medicines and vaccines are born, counterfeit products are manufactured and distributed. This barren cycle will continue. It is difficult for African governments and medical institutions to solve this problem alone, and it is necessary to implement a mechanism to eliminate placebo with all stakeholders, from drug manufacturing to patients. Rxall is fighting to create a system that allows everyone to access medical care with peace of mind by effectively utilizing technology for drug distribution in Africa and radically changing the distribution structure.
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