In recent times people have started buying almost everything online.  But it is pertinent you are buying or ordering authenticated or genuine products online. Purchasing at an outlet affords you the time to inspect the quality of the product but not the same with an online drug delivery platform. So how can you ascertain the quality of the product while checking it on your phone screen?

As part of our fight against people using fake drugs, we would be giving you tips and tricks to look out for when buying drugs online.

1.  Look for online drug delivery platforms that require a valid prescription.

This is an important aspect to consider when buying drugs online. Online drugs platform that requests for prescriptions is most likely to sell quality and genuine medicines. If you come across advertisements or promotions where you can purchase medicines without prescription that is a Red Flag. Having a prescription will help you get the right drug with the right prescription and with trusted online drug delivery platform must request this from you. This is part of the litmus test.

2.  Avoid purchasing drugs from online drug delivery platforms outside your country.

It is essential that you avoid the purchase of drugs from websites outside of your country. This causes a delivery problem, drug information and dosage vary from place to place. Stick to the location you are in e.g. and it is recommended to purchase from trusted online drug delivery platforms like Rxdelivered, they deliver authenticated and genuine drugs to residents of Lagos, Ibadan and other cities in the southwestern part of Nigeria.

3.       Never Purchase any drugs you are not sure of!

Purchasing medicines that you aren’t sure of cause’s potential risks of health complications through interference. There are some drugs that are not to be taken without proper prescription. Stay alert. 

4.       Prioritize platforms with good customer support

Any good online drug delivery platform will be ready to assist you to post-purchase or order of your drugs. Make sure you opt for this kind of platforms as they would have a good replacement options if there are any complaints after your purchase.


RxAll is a drug authentication deep-learning IoT and authenticated drug delivery platform solving the problem of fake and substandard drugs globally.


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