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Your Long To-do List and the looming deadline which is your due date is your concern at the moment, No wonder your heart is racing. Not to stress you the more but "reducing anxiety may help you have a healthier pregnancy,” In fact, some studies have shown that stress reduction techniques may reduce the risk of preterm birth or low birth weight in babies. We would be going over 5 ways to reduce stress in pregnancy.

1.          Get more sleep

You know intuitively that more sleep equals less stress, but here’s some scientific backup to help you justify the need for sleep. "Sleeping allows your brain to restore neurotransmitters that can become depleted during wake times. Also trying to stay awake when you’re tired — and fighting the urge to doze off — is a drain on the parasympathetic nervous system, which normally helps the body deal with stresses. But, we know sleep is easier said than done, especially in the third trimester when you’re really uncomfortable. But here are a few tricks: Keep your thermostat set to below 60 seconds, don’t eat anything for two hours before bedtime and try a body pillow, which can easily adjust to help you find a comfortable position.

2.          Take Constant bath

We don’t need a study to back this one up: Baths are the best when it comes to relaxing. Plus, a soak can soothe muscle aches. Baths can help reduce anxiety when you go into labour too. During early labour, they’ve been shown to improve the progress of labour and help reduce pain. A few rules: Keep the water warm, not hot—especially during the first trimester when the baby is still developing. And skip essential oils that haven’t been cleared by your doctor.

3.          Exercise

"Exercise helps release endorphins and gets the blood flowing, and a lot of times it can help take your mind off what’s bothering you,” Obviously, you want to make sure exercising is safe first (unless you have a complication, it is) and then you want to choose an exercise that you truly enjoy doing.

"The best exercise is the type you’ll stick with and want to continue coming back to. Try as many options as you can—prenatal yoga, prenatal Pilates, a walking regime—and try to balance out your routine with strength training with a particular focus on the backside. "Your baby adds a lot of weight to the front of your body and postural muscles are often strained. You’ll also rely on those same muscles once the baby is born, from carrying a baby to feedings.

4.          Read something fun

At this time reading pregnancy blogs and books will be helpful to help you notice signs in pregnancy and get abreast of the latest development in your body.  But as much as possible reading and noticing these signs can quickly work you out and get you nervous, on a flip side Take a break and flip through a juicy novel for a while. "Being knowledgeable about pregnancy is wonderful, and educating yourself is very important, but information overload can lead to more anxiety.

5.          Accept help

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