How to win your share of our N200k worth of Giveaway

About RxDelivered
RxAllDelivered (a.k.a RxDelivered) is an online ordering platform that enables pharmacies, hospitals, and patients to buy authenticated drugs and medical supplies at the lowest price possible from partner retail and wholesale pharmacies on our platform. You don't just buy at the lowest price in your city, we also get it delivered fast at almost free, in fact, your first delivery is completely free

About the  Giveaway
We are giving out N200,000 worth of shopping vouchers or the equivalent in CASH 


1st Prize
N50,000 worth of shopping voucher  or equivalent in CASH PRIZE

2nd Prize
N40,000 worth of shopping voucher  or equivalent in CASH PRIZE

3rd Prize
N20,000 worth of shopping voucher  or equivalent in CASH PRIZE

Consolation Prize for 40 people

N2,000 worth of shopping voucher or  or equivalent in CASH PRIZE

How to win

Follow the steps below to get a chance to win 

Register on our platform HERE-   select patients for individuals and other options for businesses,  usernames will be used in calling out winners and crediting their accounts with the shopping voucher. Also, make sure you follow our social media handles  below

    1. Follow us on Linkedin in here 
    2. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel
    3. Follow us on Instagram in here
    4. Like us on Facebook here
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    Winners who are not registered on our platform or do not follow the competition rules  above will automatically get disqualified
  • Perform the tasks below. Each task performed automatically gives you an additional entry into the competition draw. The more tasks you perform the more entry you get, some tasks can be performed multiple times.

  • How are the winners chosen?

    Winners will be chosen by a random draw using the Gleam App Platform. The more entries a winner has in the draw ( based on number of actions performed), the more chance of winning they get) 

    How transparent is the selection?

    The gleam app is a third party that randomly chooses the winners per position and we record a video of this process for transparency.

    The selection is purely by chance just like what happens in a raffle draw, the more raffle tickets a person buys, the more their chances of winning but this doesn't always guarantee that someone with the most tickets wins. 

    How do I claim my winnings?

    If you win, we credit your account on rxalldelivered.com with the amount in equivalence to your winnings or you receive CASH PRIZE equivalent to your winning

    For example, if you win the first prize position, 

    Option 1

    We will credit your account on our site with a N50,000 worth of shopping voucher to buy whatever you like and have it delivered for FREE.

    Option 2

    You can choose to receive N50,000 Cash Prize instead.

    How do I spend my shopping voucher?

    If you opted for option 1 above, we have hundreds of products from different shops on our platform and you can buy whatever you like. either a single product or a combination of products equivalent to your prize. Also, we already created a  ready list of bundles you can buy with your prize but you may opt to disregard this and create your own selection yourself as long as it doesn't go above your prize.