The need to supply and dispense Authenticated and safe drugs to individuals in Urban and local communities cannot be overemphasized as this will help reduce the mortality rate of individuals as a result of fake drugs been dispensed at some drug dispensing centres at their various communities and to see to quality drug dispensing, there must be a critically look at one of the channels of the dispensation of medicines at communities which is Retail Pharmacy, We see that this are the closer drug provider to people in their communities, so there is a need to look at challenges faced by retail pharmacies and possible solutions to keep their business thriving in their various communities.
This spurred up a discussion at the RxAcademy September Webinar where we looked at Challenges Of Running Retail Pharmacy in Lagos and how Healthtech companies can help to solve these challenges.

Our Guest speakers are practising Pharmacists with years of experience running a community pharmacy in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. We had Pharm Olabanji Obideyi  (ACPN Chairman, Lagos State, Nigeria), Pharm Charles Oyeniyi (C.E.O Drug Consult Pharmacy, Lagos State, Nigeria ) and Pharm. Akindele Ogunoiki(Head Of Sales Growth, West Africa, RxAll, Inc.). 
They were a lot of challenges raised at the session such as Lack of accessibility to good POS system, Inability to access credit facility for procurement of drugs, Lack of qualified Manpower etc. Possible solutions were also given to help retail pharmacies and how they can work with Healthtech companies like RxAll, who are helping retail pharmacies get access to authenticated medicine, credit financing and good POS system through their online drug delivery platform, Rxdelivered

At RxAll, we are changing the face of healthcare delivery and one of the ways we are implementing this is through constant sensitization and awareness through the RxAcademy, which is focused to help the active players in the Healthcare Industry and the populace.
Join us next month for another exciting time at the RxAcademy.

In case you missed this session, watch the recorded video below

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