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RxAll wins USAID grant for its affordable portable RxScanner platform that detects chemical compounds in products and uses #AI to determine authenticity. #DIVUSAID
Low quality and counterfeit products threaten consumer safety and hinder economic growth in
developing countries. More than 10 percent of medicines in developing countries are of low-quality and lead to approximately $21 billion in damages, annually. To accurately detect low-quality substances, RxAll developed the RxScanner, a handheld spectrometer that detects the quantity of chemical compounds present in a substance or product, including medicines, and uses proprietary artificial intelligence connected to a central database to identify compounds and send a report to the user.
The RxScanner is small enough to be used at a point of sale, such as a pharmacy, and costs less than traditional laboratory tests. The device produces results in real time and is easy to use in remote, low-resource settings by people with limited technological skills.
Its are currently in use in Africa, helping to scan medicines for 80,000 customers monthly and preventing unsafe counterfeits from reaching customers.
RxAll has the potential to be a cost-effective and scalable platform to protect consumers and ensure access to higher quality products. Within three years, RxAll intends to scale its RxScanner & related products across Africa, where it will reach 200 million people.